Ask @caboose073:

How would you like to be remembered?👀

Why you gonna kill me<,< jk lol never thought of that really, hmm Austin winter; far from perfect and usually honest, usually. Did what he could when he could. Loved his family and friends so much he kept them from the problems he made for himself? Idk that’s not really my concern there’s a different version of me in everyone’s mind, I’ll be remembered for many things and well, if I’m dead I don’t really have to worry about it.

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Biggest lie you told?

Easy.. I think it went along the lines of “sometimes what we need isn’t exactly what we want”. Although the statement is true, the context in which I used it was false. Reason being is because somethings are better left up to life to teach,eh? Perhaps the best of teachers👌🏿she had chains holding her back, and if I did what was right she will break them.

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what are your longest relationships look like?

The honey moon stage and puppy dog love goes great. They usually start to crumble when the building and growth starts.. I can be brutally honest, which is necessary for growth. For instance, I’m a natural procrastinator, addictions are sugar, caffeine, nicotine, saying yes when I should say no. hygiene is sub par, the thought patterns developed as a youth perpetuate my self destructive tendencies. I use my job as an escape when I should be facing my problems. I have been in fight or flight since I was 9 or 10. I’ve had the same girl In my heart for much longer than would be typically seen as healthy. Which could be part of the reason things get rocky. Who knows? People typically appreciate the rose right up until they reach the thorns. I am honest if I know I can be without issue. And all this has pushed my paranoia to another level. Baby momma ran off with baby. I have deep trust issues with any form of state or online dating nonsense because my mom used it to trick men. Otherwise pretty good, I’m an on the fly planner. Surprise dates, camping or kayaking dates, I’ll make the money if you run the budget. Idk if that’s not the type of description you’re looking for ask again. Did you mean with friends or s.o.?

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would you be upset if you lost the one you love? be honest!

I haven’t had the one I love. I’ve only been lucky enough to hug them twice though,😂 She’s been there for so long too, it’s unexplainable, paradoxical even. It doesn’t feel right but it doesn’t feel wrong. I would be upset but if it made them happy I would be happy.❤️👌🏿

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What is your very definition of, love?

Hmm allowing someone to be as they want to be. Naturalness. Ask anyone who knows me, they’ve definitely heard me say “you do you”. I’ve rarely been able to be me. So I know how it feels. And if anyone I claim to love felt as though they couldn’t just be, well I’d feel like I failed them.

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