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It would tickle my pickle if you tell me that busta rhymes isn't your dad: )

lol k idk who you even are so stop being a stalker & hop off my shit k? thanks.

low key y does matter who ur dad is hes a person nd if he is famous does it really matter?? like u love ur dad(i hope) and that's all that matters (i assume and suppose) idk am i right or wrong?

thats what ive been trying to say. lol thankyou! :'D people are just ignorant stalkin heffas who just stay on my insta thats all. but who are you ? we gotta talk :p

Just be on ask like.. Aha you're so fake lol busta rhymes isn't your dad stop acting like he is. You're name isn't even online as his daughter!!!

lol k whatever tickles your pickle


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