Ask @cadanceef1:

Why do you like your bf so much?

welllll he’s like super freaking cute and he makes me so so so happy. He likes that I’m clingy which is good cuz i don’t want him to be annoyed by me lmao. But he’s like super cute and sweet and caring. We talk a lot too. We texted last night for a couple of hours and we have PE together and the same lunch. And talk whenever we see each other in the halls and he always walks me to class. We always hug or hold hands or something and everyone like freaks out and fangirls over it lmao. And his friend Ethan..omfg lmaoo. Always asking what me and him are doing sexually. But whatever. And he’s sooo funny and can always make me laugh and put a smile on my face. I honestly feel safe around him. Like when he wraps his arms around me or when we hug, I always feel safe. He makes me feel wanted. Me and my girl-friends always mess with him. Like they always take me from him and be like “I stole your girl” and he says “nope she’s all mine and only mine” and snatched me right back and it’s kinda cute tbh. Me and him have a cute relationship more than sexual relationship. Which tbh I like. Like don’t get me wrong sexual stuff is fun and enjoyable but it feels nice knowing that someone actually likes me and cares about me and isn’t just using me. It makes me feel good. And we both agreed we don’t wanna do anything until 1-3months into the relationship. But yeah he’s just so fucking amazing and makes me happy

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