Ask @Cakeist:

what is your favourite quotation?

Not really my favorite but the other day a young hornmother brought me some of her snack stash and asked me "can you make cake with this?".
Some of the smallhorns saw her and tried to do the same later... but since they didn't know what she gave me, they gave me whatever they could find and said "can you make cake with this?"... or at least they tried to say it.
Rinse and repeat for a week.

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What is your favorite subject in school?

I don't think my idea of "school" is the same as yours...
but some of the stuff I learned from my old master included:
Critical Thinking
Survival Skills
DIY Skills
Trapping Skills
Animal Handling
Gardening Skills
and Oratory among other things... but I had to learn how to drive on my own accord, because she had motion sickness.

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