Ask @Cakeist:

If you could have one wish come true right now, what would you wish for?

I think that doing things with your own hands has its own value so I am not really the kind of person that wishes for stuff... but if I had to choose, it would probably be something I cannot attain by myself alone.
The only thing that I can think off the top of my head is a better place to live / circumstances so we can ALL live in harmony and peace... is that alright as a wish?

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If you could say something to your younger self, what would you say?

...mmmh, it depends on how young and at which point in time are we talking about .
"Don't worry, they are in a better place now."
"Cut the other cable."
"Move with the wind in your favor."
... I can think of a few more, but I guess this is fine.
I will leave it to your imagination the reason why I say all of those things, jaja.

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Is there a movie that influenced you from childhood? What made that movie stand out?

Evil Steve
Sorry for the late answer! I took some time off to concentrate on my projects.
... let's see.
I can't really recall anything in particular at the moment, but if I had to say what made them stand out; it was how immersive the world was, the believability of the characters and how the it makes you want to know more and more as the story progresses.

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What type of music are you into?

It depends on my mood.
...lately I have been listening to the humming and singing of the smallhorns. When they are happy, they sometimes start to sing and is quite adorable to behold.
Depending on the mood and the kind of smallhorn that sings, the song is quite different.
Sometimes is a lullaby, others an upbeat humming, etc.

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What simple thing makes you happier on poor days?

Evil Steve
Have a really good warm meal after a long trip. Enjoy a nice time relaxing on my hammock or my rocking chair. Listen to the voices of the hornmothers in the distance, the occasional hummings of the haremhorns and the smallhorns playing, napping and eating to their hearts content. Smell the earthy scent in the air mixed with the sweetness of my place.
As if spellbound by fairies inside their forest, I just close my eyes and take everything in. The time seems to slow down as I fall asleep... and when I wake up I feel like new.
... I often wake up with a pile of smallhorns taking their own nap on top of me, or waiting for me to wake up for any reaons, but their cuteness just adds to the experience.
Alternatively, you can relax by spoiling a smallhorn until it falls asleep (I am guilty of doing it without noticing more often that I would like to admit).

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Who are the people you spend the most time with?

Smallhorns always get inside the cakery one way or another... The most frequent intruders/visitors in this category are three smallhorns that love to sneak around and play together. I started calling them bandanahorns after I gave them bandanas as a gift.
One of the most recent additions is hoodiehorn. Who loves to be pampered, to be fed, cleanliness and... my hoodies, to an odd degree. A kind old lady from the city agreed to make one of her size when I told her about the issue. I got her the fabric, and the rest is history.
From the haremhorns, one of the youngest of them started coming to help me. To this day I have no idea why she came or why keeps coming everyday, but her help is appreciated. She is like my assistant, so I call her AssistantHorn.
She might be tiny, but she learns fast (and she hits hard with the wooden spoon). She makes sure the rules of the "cakery" are always followed, and helps me take care of the smallhorns... and also makes sure I take care of myself.
From the hornmothers, Leader ( @himehorn ) is the one that comes the most. She comes to chat and eat some snacks to relieve stress when she has some free time from her herdwork... and also to taste any new culinary creation I make (I also let her take a nap on my hammock when she is hiding from the haremhorns).
... I think I am not forgetting anything... I hope.

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I think it'll look cute :3c Or keep a short ponytail then you'll be BigBoss :O

... let's agree to disagree.
As for the short ponytail... I had that cut a few times.
My hair got too long but I was too busy to cut it properly, so I just tied it up.
Having long hair is good for the cold, but it gets itchy and bothersome if you don't maintain it properly.

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+4 answers in: “Who cuts your hair?”

Who cuts your hair?

It depends... my hair grows fast, so if I am in middle of a long trip, I just cut it with a knife really fast and move on.
If I am in the caves or camping for a long period of time, I just do it myself. I have scissors and mirrors, but if I am feeling lazy, I just grab the nearest knife and be done with it.
If I am in the city, I go to the nearest barber shop... except those few times in which my friend saw me before I had the opportunity and insisted to do it herself.
She takes care of her own hair, or so she says at least. For a drunkard, she very fussy about appearances... well, she is very fussy in general.
She has very long hair, usually tied into a ponytail (I suspect that is so it doesn't get in the way when she has a hangover). I swear that she could tie people up with it if she wanted.
Since I am taller than her she makes me fetch one of the boxes in her basement, so she can step on it. Then she gets the step ladder and takes the booze out of the box I got for her… I have no idea how many times I have fallen on that trick.
What I don’t like is that she takes a long time if I don’t talk to her… she loves to touch my hair for some reason, way too much for comfort. So, if I don't speak to her she zones out and just plays with it. She gets mad at me when I make her snap out of it. “Shush, I am making art here!” She says.

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Do you like handmade soap?

Is not that I like it or not.
I have to make my own soap or use organic unscented soap while I am here.
I usually make a long block of soap as soon as the previous one is ready to use, so I never run out.
I only use the one I got from the city on emergencies.
Plus, I know a few other tricks to get rid of my scent if my soap gets ruined somehow. Hunting is part of survival after all.
Never give your prey a chance, no matter how insignificant it may be.

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Ahh, I mean do you occasionally have to fight due to your relationship with the Herd?

I always fight for a good discount on supplies!
...but I've been doing that even before I knew about the herd though.
Beyond that, not really. As long as you fulfill your part of the deal, they don't care about anything else. The people I know at least.
In the worst of cases, they look at me in confusion after I say where I live. Usually followed by a "...but why? Wait, nevermind..."

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If you had a boat, what would you name it?

SS Trailblazer, SS Survivor or SS Glazed.
If you want to mix the names you could go with SS Glazed Trailblazer or SS Glazed Survivor.
... though, I doubt a boat would be useful here. MAYBE an icebreaker ship, but even so...
I would prefer a spaceship, or a heavy ground vehicle to withstand any storm that comes my way (or worse stuff), and fill it with cargo to my heart's content.

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