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Hi sarah. I recently got a pokemon from you and i loved the way things are handled. I was wondering if you had any spare time could you teach me your breeding methods. I'd love to help you out. Free of charge of course lol

Hello there. Wel, that would probably be possible when I have more time on my hands, I need to get some requests done first. You may contact me via PM to discuss this thorugh as well. :)

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Well, can't say I possess any X-exclusive Megastones since I own Pokémon Y. (You got PM from me asking what items you were looking for). Either way, I'd say Megastones are way more valuable than evo-stones. I need evolution-stones to be able to complete my dex.

That's.. not a question o.O' but erm, anyway. They probably are, depends on one's P.O.V.. I won't be able to get all of them this easily though, takes effort depending on the stone you wish to acquire. (PGL minigames take a while and I have to spend my points too so...) Maybe I can get something else... Just VM or PM me next time though xD (when you're not asking a question that is).
I think I'll VM you anyway. We need to sort this out.

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