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Why is your puppy one of the cutest ever, and what tips do you have for my puppy to be cuter?

Tim Gunter
His cuteness is directly proportional to his jerk-ness. Get a corgi?

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Pancakes, waffles, or French toast?

Any of the above with tons of fruit. I think done best, probably waffles? And powdered sugar!

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What's your favorite cosplay you've ever done?

My group TF2 Cosplay! Way back in 2009 at PAX prime- even before PA came in to my life! I was a medic and had such a blast goofing off with some of my dearest friends in costume.

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I miss you on the pa staff podcast. is there any chance of you making a guest appearance or being on a podcast at new job?

Aw man, this is so sweet! It's unlikely I'll do one for new-work, but keep an eye out for some new personal projects coming up ^.^

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What is your favorite type of cheese?

Karli Hayden
I *love* cheese. Beecher's Flagship is my fave. I good cheddar or gruyere is gonna make me a happy gal.

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What do you think of the new Sailor Moon Crystal series?

Hmm. I like the story of it, how faithful they've been. The animation disappoints me, but doesn't infuriate me like some folks. I've seen a few side-by-sides of the animation on first screening versus final blu-ray release and there are always a bunch of improvements/changes, so hopefully they just keep doing that I guess? Occasionally the pacing seems a little weird - the funny beats are always just a little off, the solemn ones a little lingering. But other than that, I think it's pretty good and I'll probably do a full watch of the Chibi-Usa arc soon.

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Are you more nervous or excited about the prospect of leaving PA and seeking new opportunities elsewhere? Follow-up Q: Will this open up a potential real SPONSORSHIP deal with Diet Coke?

More excited, for sure. The experiences that I've had so far in my career have been incredible, so I feel well equipped to transition to a whole host of other roles comfortably. There are always going to be nervous butterfiles but I know the team at PA/CP are awesome and will do a great job.
Man, if Diet Coke wanted to sponsor me I'd be all about that. Give me a call, Diet Coke Marketing team!

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HI JAMIE! Do you have a favorite Sailor Scout?

Katie J Rice
Oh heeeell yeah. Sailor Jupiter.
She's an unabashed ass-kicker: a competitive level fighter and notoriously tall and big. She's exceptionally strong; she talks about how no one asks her to dance 'cause she's tall. At the same time, she's unabashedly feminine. She loves to cook, prides herself on her cleaning, excels at sewing and is a proud domestic goddess. This dichotomy was one of my first experiences with a female character that had that sort of depth- it wasn't just a "tomboy" or "girly girl" but someone who found joy from all sorts of things.
As I'm getting older, though, I really appreciate all of the different iterations and portrayals of Usagi, too. Re-watching the series as an adult has been great.

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Any new tricks Ranger has learned? Or any new ones you want to try teaching him?

I would love to teach him "don't pee inside when nervous!" Honestly a lot of our training has been a very slow road of behavior stuff, but he's still a loved and good puppums. I want to get back to silly stuff soon - he learned the components of "bang/play dead" but never put em all together, so that would probably happen quickly. Also "bow."

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I know corgis have your heart, but i have a basset hound puppy. Where does that rank on the cute scale?

Oh my gosh, so floptacular. Those ears! So soft. I would just pet them forever. Basset hound pup A+ cute.

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You've worked with a lot of respected people. Can you describe the biggest gap between what outsiders believe about someone, and what you believe about them?

They're all people with flaws and fears and hopes and dreams. It's easy and common to make people out to be superhuman, but the reality is they have insecurities and aspirations too- and likely not ones you know about.
I guess just take comfort in the adage "don't compare your behind-the-scenes to someone elses' highlight reel."

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Are you more of a builder or an adventurer in Minecraft?

Very much a hybrid. I tend to cycle - adventure out for lots of materials or specific ones, and then try to create something wild with it. I also like to dig. But I get startled by skellies.

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