HI JAMIE! Do you have a favorite Sailor Scout?

Oh heeeell yeah. Sailor Jupiter.
She's an unabashed ass-kicker: a competitive level fighter and notoriously tall and big. She's exceptionally strong; she talks about how no one asks her to dance 'cause she's tall. At the same time, she's unabashedly feminine. She loves to cook, prides herself on her cleaning, excels at sewing and is a proud domestic goddess. This dichotomy was one of my first experiences with a female character that had that sort of depth- it wasn't just a "tomboy" or "girly girl" but someone who found joy from all sorts of things.
As I'm getting older, though, I really appreciate all of the different iterations and portrayals of Usagi, too. Re-watching the series as an adult has been great.
Katie J Rice@katiejrice