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I want you to start youtube

Why don't you wear makeup to school?

I'm too lazy and like most days I wake up at 8.30am so it's like no there's no time to beat no fucking face but also like why would I bother it's fucking school?? Appreciate my bare face while u can bitch xxx

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why do you only wear cropped tops these days

I have exhausted and overcome any feelings of vulnerability whilst exposing my body. It's purely a standpoint of confidence.

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are you bisex?

no like that's not me no i'm only one way down the river you feel xxx hah x

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I saw you on the train once, I literally fell in love with you. I want to be you, you're stunning.

Such kind words ~ much love to you!! :*

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Why are you out of every guys league? Like can you please share the fucking cuteness around stop being a hog x

I'm no better or beyond anyone else, hit me UP.

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You used to be so cute when you didn't look like a girl :/

Let go of the past x

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You should do makeup videos, you're better at applying makeup than the vast majority of women I know :')

My advice is every white bitch needs to get fit me 120 and professional makeup brushes.

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if u had to choose one boy u know to hook up with, who wouldit be

Literally none. I'm too precious.

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Oh and Jan. Come back when you're pregnant.

Paul Donia

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If you wanna get questions on here you should post a status telling people to ask you shit


Hey bitch x

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calum may i explore your suthernland? c;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Viktor Shavrukov

You are so gorgeous :) I reckon u would have the best body ;) and I think you should post a pic of u with no shirt on :)

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