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Hi. This is random, but I wonder if you know SKAM? Its a norweigian tv series. Season 3 is about Even and Isak. You should watch it!

i've heard of it but i haven't looked it up yet, i'll add it to my list!

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How old is YunHo, and generally all of them, in the law!verse? I read that thing when JunSu asks and Jaejoong just changes the subject, it makes me curious ^ ^

Yoochun/Junsu are on track with a regular college age. Changmin skipped a few years so he's younger but in the same class. Yunho is several years older. I think I decided 28 or so?? Because he skipped a few years as well and because of his situation (and clear brilliance and several good words from Heechul,) they fudged his age so his profile said he was at least 30and let him teach

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That ask makes me think, CDL Yunho was right. OTP aside, Jaejoong really is the best mate he could ask for as an alpha, because he does so much for the rest of the pack ^^

yes, agreed :)

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thanks for letting me follow you on twitter!! also... can I, maybe, ask for some drabble, new plot or anything based on the CDL world but focused on Siwon's pack(?) it'll be so awesome! That's my favourite verse, i'm a silent reader for now ;; but now letting you know i love your stories! :)

i've been trying to think of a story for them for awhile. if i ever do i won't hold back...

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because of jaejoong's memories? i had thought closing the bond even partly needed conscious effort and was not done except for privacy when they work or in rare circumstances. thanks so much for writing more in this verse, i love cdl so much <33

4. Their new bond was like that, originally. But it's either in one of my drabbles or flor d'luna that i mention their bond settling. they realize constantly being in each other's minds like that will slowly drive them mad because there's nothing private or solitary. I think it was a drabble. Anyway.

The point is, one can feel the bond, or a person, without actually being in their mind, thinking what they think, etc. So yes, their bond is stronger than before and if they want to be telepathic and "share minds" they can. Although it's not as though they automatically know everything about a person, everything they ever said. It's just what's on their mind at the time, what they happen to be thinking of. But often they don't because mates or not they do need privacy and time to themselves and it gets really old really fast.

Alternatively, think of it like a faucet. All the way on, everything comes out, all the time, fast and loud. It's great, but it's exhausting after awhile and wasteful if you don't need to have a steady, strong stream of water. "Closing" it or, turning the faucet down a bit, allows for a trickle. Manageable, still useful, not as tiring, and enough to sense a person and know that they're okay.

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along with junsu? shouldnt he be feeling everything jaejoong was feeling? i dont mean while he was dreaming cos maybe they dont dream together lol, but afterwards when they were both awake, jaejoong could just show him right? even the dream at the end, wouldnt yunho automatically see everything

almost in sync right? so if yunho knows about jinki/yoona, then how was that kept hidden from jaejoong and for so long too, why did he have to ask about it the next day? and regarding jaejoong's dreams, couldnt yunho see everything clearly through the bond, how come jaejoong had to explain it to him

hi mary, while i was reading chapter 3 of hidden moon i was confused about something. if you dont mind i hope you can explain, thanks! im sure its just me, i think i missed something along the way lol. since yunjae renewed the bond it became so strong to the point that even their sleeping pattern is

I wish we could all have Junsu to flood us with warmth and comfort, Yunho to protect us and flood us with love and strength, Yoochun to hug, kiss and get advice from, Changmin to stroke our hair and banter with, Jaejoong to make tea, cook comfort foods and receive love, advice and lullabies from <3

if i could have this i wouldn't need to ask for anything else

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Choose one of each: Dr. Jin!Jaejoong, Triangle!Jaejoong or Spy!Jaejoong? Queen of Ambition!Yunho, NWJ!Yunho or I Order You!Yunho? Missing You!Yoochun, Three Days!Yoochun or TGWSS!Yoochun? December!Junsu, Dracula!Junsu or Death Note!Junsu? Paradise Ranch!Changmin, Mimi!Changmin or SWWTN!Changmin?

dr. jin jaejoong, because historical costumes *____* NWJ for Yunho, same reason. Annnd Smells Yoochun. Maybe idk. Can't decide. Death Note junsu for sure. And Mimi Changmin. Surprise. Not the historical one

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i know this is selfish to ask but i just want to put this out there, just to let you know lol, that if you ever wrote a ChunBoa focused CDL installment or even dedicated a part or drabble to them in the next one, you'd make me so happy ;) just know you have readers who love your CDL ChunBoa a lot!

anon you must be psychic. the story i'm working on now i started from yoochun's point of view, first time ever for a major cdl installment!! lots shall be revealed about chunboa :)

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hi is there any download links for captive prince 1 and 2? also patricia briggs' supernatural books? I really want to read them :)

i buy my books. i have no idea where you'd even start looking for that, besides google. sorry.

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Hello. Just finished reading up the whole series of CDL and have to say that I REALLY like it. Hum... just a request, if you ever write CDL series again (the next part of it I meant), can you write where Changmin was the one hurt? LOL. I mean, it usually Junsu who gets hurt, so I kind of curious on

thank you!! i cannot confirm or deny if there is any forthcoming cdl in which changmin gets hurt. i may have already planned it. or not. i'm just saying. keep an eye out ;) who knows!!

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I want more minsu in CDL series... XD

minsu deserves all the love, i agree :)

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Whaaat??? He has suffered so much! I really wish Hyunwoo can be happy now.

well we'll have to see where i end up going...

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people are split on this????? they want Hyunwoo to be heartbroken and Min to be heartbroken over his heartbreak? :((( nooooo

surprisingly ppl are okay with heartbreak

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if you could, could you write some mate fights from CDL? you did chunboa in the past, but there wasn't really much. i'd like to see them argue over something and how they make up for it haha xD

lmao so you want smut. kidding. i'll see if i can fit it in promises. maybe if i ever do a bunch of drabbles again

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so much minsu feels lately :D i got reminded of your fic CDL *just pretend xiahki is changmin lol* don't know how to embed OTL

siiiiiighs i miss minsu a lot ;__;

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tbqh since we havent met yunho's daughter yejun so personally yet i cant even bring myself to wish for seungho to continue having feelings for her and i wish he would slowly fall in love with hyunwoo instead :( but if seungho loves her then no can do i guess ;; i hope they'll all be happy :*

the daugher is yerin, actually. but i know what you mean :) everyone wants something differen ti may just write and see where it takes me

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please give poor baby hyunwoo a happy ending, your existing hyunwoo drabbles were painful enough ;A; please please this boy has been through a lot of heartache and he doesnt deserve it ;; he is changmin's son!!!! changmin will be hurt and stressed out because of him ;; cant have that, please!

everyone's split on this oh maaaaaaan

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-Into This River I Drown by T.J. Klune(It's one of my favorites. It's super angsty though. I had to pause a few times) -The Magpie Lord by K.J. Charles(I was really reluctant to read it, but ended up liking it a lot) - Nor Iron Bars a Cage by Kaje Harper - Hot Head by Damon Suede


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OMG Anon, now I feel pressured! Here is a list of a few books that I like. Please, Mary and anon, let me know what you think. - I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier by Crystal Rose (I remembered this one because of JJ's enlistment. It's really funny) -Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander(It's also funny)

thank you!!!!! i'm so excited to start reading!!

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you can always practice smut writing skills ;) practice makes perfect after all! (with CDL or Faerlamore or Hold Me Tight :p)

so true. smut can always be better!!

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Mary, i just wanted to say that i love your stories and you seem like such a nice person. I don't want to be greedy but i second that request for pwp minsu based on x song (fancam) if you ever have the time/inspiration for it ofc ^^ anyway i hope you're doing well ♡

thank you~~ i have so much i'm trying to write rn but i'll keep it in mind :)

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omg your annon recommended you captive prince books! i love that books :) and dear anon i want a books recommendation from you too, hehe

it was SO GREAT omg i can't stop obsessing I NEED THE THIRD ONE RIGHT NOW

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