You don’t think that I might be a sissy if I dm her?

no!! it’d be cute

Idk, I’d feel like a prick if I did that. Maybe I’ll find another way...

that’s how i’ve been approached n i don’t mind

I see your point but I guess that I might be in a special situation. This particular girl is rather popular and speaks to tons of other guys. However, she’s shown signs of liking me. I’m confused afffffff

then maybe approach her in person n go from there

Oof. In that case I might be screwed since I don’t know how to sum up the courage to approach her to begin with ?

then we back 2 the dms son


be respectful n ease into the topic don’t just start off talking about how you feel

Could I add you on some sort of messaging platform and then you can show me like an example? This is honestly too slow in terms of response. Unless you’d prefer not to then it’s fine here I guess.

just dm me on twitter @califourniaaa