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lol i feel dumb but can you explain this to me "Honey your skirt is so short I can see how many times your dad didn't come to your dance recital." ive been trying really hard to get the joke lololol im sorry

I stole it from twitter just saying but ok. Typically people make the joke that girls who dress slutty do so because they have "daddy issues" hence the part about the dad not attending recitals thus being an absent father thus creating "daddy issues".

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

holy shit my eyes are red


Wow thanks I'm so glad you know how to use sarcasm :) it warms my heart that others, too, know of the practice of sarcasm. Have a lovely day.

If you locked a sperm whale and a humpback whale in a tank full of Viagra dissolved in water together, what would happen?

Lots of sex.




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