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Kuttay di bachi chadd gie

Idk what kind of sick mentality you have anon. Jab tk wo tumhray sath thi. She was your everything am sure. You guys invented such words " Melay baby nay thana thaya ". Jesay he usay aqal aaye she leave you or due to any other reason wo sath he kuttay ki bachi ho gie ? lanat to your mindset dude. Ezaaat krna seekho ta kay kal ko tumhri maa behn ki be log krien.

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Kehne ko kuch toh hoga

Aqsa Butt
They asked father of algebra Al-khwarizmi "What is Man?" He replied " If a man i calm and moral, that is 1
If he is charming, we'll add a zero, that is = 10. If he is rich, we'll add a zero, that is = 100. If he is nobility, we'll add a zero, that is = 1000.
But if a value of moral (1) within that man disappears, then there are only zeros which are worth nothing.

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