Ask @call_ofduty:

How are you coping with your life at the moment?

Meri Zindagi To Firaq Hai,
Wo Azal Se Dil Main Makeen Sahi
Wo Nigah e Shouq Sey Dour Hen,
Rag e Jaan Sey Laakh Qareeb Sahi!
Humain Jaan Deni Hai Ek Din,
Wo Kisi Tarhan Wo Kahin Sahi
Humain Aap Khinchiye Daar Par,
Jo Nahin Koi To Hum Hi Sahi
Sar-e-Tour Ho, Sar-e-Hashhar Ho,
Humain Intazaar Qubool Hay!
Wo Kabhi Milain Wo Kahin Milain
Wo Kabhi Sahi, Wo Kahin Sahi
Na Ho Un Pr Jo Mera Bas, To Na Sahee,
Kay Yeh Aashiqi Hay Havas Nahin!
May Unhee Ka Thaa, May Unhee Ka Houn,
Vo Merey Nahin Tou Nahin Sahee!
Jo Ho Faisla Wo Sunaye, Usey Hashr Pe Na Uthaye
Jo Karen Ge Aap Sitam Wahan, Wo Abhi Sahi Woh Yahin Sahi
Ussy Dekhney Ki Jo Loo Lagee,
Tou ‘Naseer’Dekh Hee Laynge Hum
Wo Hazaar Aankh Say Dour Ho,
Wo Hazaar Parda Nasheen Sahee!

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My life was pretty f***ed up for last 3-4 weeks and I kinda was regretting on joining this profession. Deep inside I was blaming my father for this decision of mine because he never was satisfied with my marks... And kept scolding me for it.... Even acceptances from nust, lums, iba, uet weren't enough... So I just joined army so I don't have to listen to the taunts "Abdullah parhta nae hai" anymore.
Yesterday I shared all of it with my elder sister and she told it all to him...My father rarely talks to me for more than a minute has called me today for more than 30mins and kept telling me that how lucky he is to have me as his son.. And how much proud he is of me❤️
He even has offered me his car?‍♂️
Talking to him was so therapeutic
I love him so much

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