Ask @cameronmcevoy:

Cool ill check the book out , my best friend is like Sheldon Copper of Physics she loves it at uni, i dont know mechanics put me off Physics but i still love maths , have you thought about what you want to do after uni ?

Who is she? And yeah mechanics is a little boring to me, but still really hard. It's relativity and quantum theory that are the things that will get anyone interested once they delve deep enough Into it. I want to go and do graduate work in America or even in Australia somewhere, where I can get my phd and also work under world leading physicists. After that who knows. Maybe research, there are plenty of areas available

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Ahhh so why did you choose Physics if you didnt have a passion for it?

I didn't have a passion for the basic things we learnt but I was always looking up the concepts we never learnt like relativity and quantum theory etc and would read that stuff and be fascinated so I wanted to learn more of that. Also reading Richard Feynmans biography made me love physics even more because he was such a great human being as well as one of the greatest minds of all time

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What do you think of Chemistry ? since you love Physics so much

I liked chemistry a little in high school but I have never really drawn a passion from it, however, I have only learned high school chemistry. I didn't find a passion for physics in high school either because it was super basic stuff, but when I hit the interesting stuff at uni I started to love it. So who's to say it won't be the same for chemistry.

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