Ask @cameronmcevoy:

Hey Cam your my idol! I think it's great how you manage to balance swimming and Uni so well. So many swimmers just drop school. How do you manage it so well?

I have a big passion for what I'm studying so firstly I don't see it as a chore, but see it as an opportunity to learn more about what I love. A lot of the theories are just so mind blowingly amazing that uni is enjoyable. In terms of work load I guess i just have to have a good work ethic and get my stuff done on time while working around my swimming schedule. You have to always put effort into it. And it also helps that I love what I'm studying at the moment, despite the astronomically hard math involved with it all

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Griffith or Sydney uni? I can't decide help meeeeee

I've never been to Sydney uni and don't know anything about it. But I like Griffith at the moment for what I'm currently studying. If you're studying a bachelor of science and wanting to major in physics then griffith is quite good. There are a few world leading scientists at griffith in the field of quantum optics and we have the first people who ever photographed the shadow of an atom!

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What qualities do you look for in a girl? (like a serious answer without mentioning Cara D)

Confidence. If they're confident it means they accept themselves and love the shit out of themselves. If they are like that then they don't go into a relationship looking for any validation from a male or from a relationship status because they just don't give a shit on what others think. this means that you know they are in the relationship because they are attracted to you and like you're company and what you bring to their lives and you know you make them a better person. You know they aren't doing it to fill any self esteem issues they have about their personality. So confidence is key ladies. Also, a passion for something they really love in life. Whether it's swimming and physics like me, or even stamp collecting, shit I don't know, it just means they have other shit going on in their lives other than just the relationship. I can go on for days but the key point is confidence! In who they are.

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what is the hardest swim set you have ever done?

This has so many different variables to it like how tired and fatigued I was before the session and how cold the pool was and the ambient temperature outside! I remember doing 18x400 on 5:00 once 6xfree 6xfree/back and 6xfree/fly. Another one was 500 swim on 1:10 base and then straight into 5x100 max effort on 1:10 and we did that 3 times through. Another one was 12x200 every 2nd max and then 40x50 backstroke best effort on 45. Another one was 40x100 heart rate. Another one was 8x50's dive max on 2 minutes to build up lactic acid and fatigue then 36x150 12 on 1:55 12 on 1:50 and 12 on 1:45. They just keep coming and coming

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I may not be a swimmer, but you inspire me to be the best I can be and to want to accomplish some of the things you have a such a young age! I'm on the Australian preliminary team for Glasgow next year in my sport, and would love to get to meet you over there next year if I'm officially selected.

Yeah that would be cool, I firstly have to qualify for the Commonwealth Games next year at the trials in April. But if I do then yeah that would be sweet! What sport are you involved in?

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Cam!! you're a heaps big inspiration for me, to be such a good swimmer and have achieved so much at a small age as well as being academic as something that I really hope to do in the future :)

Yes get into physics it's so crazy! Like physics you're drunk go home how does time go slower when you approach the speed of light and how does gravity manage to bend light, when it is a massless wave/particle duality?? and don't even get me started on black holes and quantum mechanics!!! And stay in swimming for the joy of the sport! Thank you!

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