Ask @CamilliaLim:

My mum is planning to get menu first car. Thing is, idk much abt cars or which to choose from. Should I get a smaller car like myvi so that it's easier to fit into parking space? Or a bigger one got more practicality? What do u guys think?

You mean manual car? :O it depends on what your needs are. I personally don't mind a myvi cause it's good enough for me. :) and you won't be sitting in the back seat anyways. Proton iriz not bad also? Suzuki swift

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Hey I noticed ure currently studying and working at the same time! How do u manage ur time with classes and work? See, I start classes at 8am and finish at 5pm. Do u still have time to revise and rest etc? 😰 I feel like I'm going insane with having to juggle with work as well! Hope u can help x

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I don't think it's feasible for you because our schedules are very different. I have class from 8-12 most days and then I work the night shift from 6.30-12. :) So it's bearable for me. If your classes drag on for so long I think you'd better focus on your studies!

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Is it really true that the longer you wait, the better ur other half will be? Sigh.. Have you be in a situation where you're ready to be in a relationship & have moved on from ur exes, but the right one isn't here yet & you feel lonely? :/

Of course, I feel that the right one will come when you're not actively seeking for him/her and when you least expect it :) So just enjoy your time now and good things will come to you

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Are H&M shoes of good quality seeing that their prices are 70-100RM range? I don't wish to spend that much for sth that wouldn't last long. Or are there any other cheap shoe stores u guys could recommend me? 😊

I buy all my shoes from Taobao, I feel they're good enough :) but I think H&M shoes are quite good quality :)

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Who are your favourite local musicians and are you friends with any of them since you're pretty famous yourself?

I'm not famous at all.
Local artists I know Talitha Tan, Christian Palencia and Tasha Aleia. :) Fav local musicians are probably Paperplane Pursuit and Yuna but there are definitely indie artists whose voices I love but don't know the names of

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