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do u like animalhats

who is your school mascot


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just beacuse could u do one time


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oh could u call or text my friend one time


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Would u take back any exes


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snap feed

Bro I ain't 12

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You're taken?


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What happened to u and olivia miller

Uhm. Just didn't pan out ig

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You talking about Kobe in your last answer bruh?

Christian Childers

I lmao. Some dude from eastern.

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Someone mentions basketball at ur school first person come to mind??

The guy who got charged for rape

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If a snail doesn't have a shell, is it homeless or naked?

To everyone circling the rumors concerning Lauren Elliott and I. None of them are true. Nate, and Lauren are two of my best friends and that nonsense isn't funny.

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Do you feel comfortable, when being photographed?


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Basically am.

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get em cam get em, they're your age. 😛

Reanna Michelle Dobek.

pussies fr

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Miss anybody honestly?

Why're ppl talking shit about Cole when they don't even know him? Lol.

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Just wanted to know if she's a keeper or not. Really, does she make you happy?

You going away would be pretty dope.

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If this girl really makes you happy then you should stay with her

Fck off.

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What does comfort mean to you?

Not skanks blowing me up.

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Just wondering, usually you get tired of them by now and your on to a different one.

Kindly fck off.

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You still talking to that girl?

Yeah why

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What is the best thing about being your age?

Less than a year to 21 🍾

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Does pubic hair on the opposite sex matter as long as it isn't out of control?

Yes. Matters.

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Fav baby names?

Banner Wade

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