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Why you ain't let me use ya charger I thought we was fam

This gots to be one of my brother house niggas lol

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Hey Erica next time you wanna ask a question my number is saved in your phone I think.. Ron

I was trying to be smart lol

If you could do anything now, what would you do?

Lay naked on the beach of Aruba taking in the sun wail sipping on that gud gud with music in my ears

You say that now but you'll never know you may miss out on a good thing? I think people scared cause he has baggage (his son)

I know what he is, and he is a great father and I think some men can learn from that we don't see each other like that and I believe he will find her

So why y'all not on the same page if y'all speak so highly of each other just curious ?

A good friendship is worth more, even tho we have history, friendship out weighs that

So why y'all not on the same page if y'all talk so highly of each other? Just curious?

Friendship is worth more, we do have history that turned into a good ass friend which is worth keeping ya digg? Lol

I know right! So when was the last time you spoke to him I remember before we stop well before he cut me off he mention your name like two summers ago..

We still keep in contact

Umm we not friends he won't speak to me last time we speak spoke well it's been some time since he spoke to me he cuts people off like its nothing and keep it moving

Damn, that's cry

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