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If you could have any animal, what animal would you want? ???

samanthadumais’s Profile Photo♛Sammy♛
Oh damn. That's such a hard question. Some on my list are a bat. A pygmy owl. A reticulated python, an octopus, a tegu. An Egyptian totoise....and on

were you ever so happy, like you were just laughing, and at the peak of it all, instantly got, just as equally, depressed? i did. is that normal? anyone ever feel so high and instantly got so low?

I get that melancholy during moments of being super happy almost every time. It kinda sucks
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Do u really care about what others think of you.... Answer that truthfully.... Because I do care?‍♂

Certain people I care a lot about their opinions and thoughts on me. Others not so much. I try not to let most things affect me negatively. But anyone who says they don't care what anyone thinks at all is a liar lol

Have you ever felt lonely, like there’s nobody there to talk to. Even when there’s thousands of people to talk to it feels like there’s nobody.

Emilio_Sierrrra’s Profile PhotoEmilio Sierra
All the time. I like to say I'm alone in the crowd

Do you prefer bicycle or roller skates?

Bicycle. I suck at roller skates. And blades. And skateboards. Etc.

Would you rather never eat meat again or only eat meat for the rest of your life? ? ?

samanthadumais’s Profile Photo♛Sammy♛
That one is hard. I love meat...but I also love veggies and fruit...I guess it depends. Can I have dairy and eggs?
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As a child, did you want a kitten or a puppy? Did your parents get one for you?

I always had cats. So I wanted a puppy. And no I didnt get one until I was in highschool

What online games do you play?

Fishdom, best fiends, and coin master. Those are mobile games. But Idk that I really play online games. I played Wow once lol

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? ?

Something theyre terrified of. Even if it doesnt help your fear go away. At least you experienced it one time and didnt let fear keep you from getting a piece of life.

What is your favorite non-social networking website?

EBay is my crack, it's just too addictive ?
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What would be your name if you were a DJ?

Dj icy hot? Jk lol "Kori on fire" or ❄"Ice: queen of bass" ?
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How many books have you read in your life?

Oh my god...I would have to really think and try to count... A lot
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What was the last thing you regret buying?

Nipple rings considering I dont have the piercing yet and theyre just a waste of money/space for now
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