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Who is she trying to kid? she is just as fat as ugly

Why are you so obsessed with her bruh >.>
She's beautiful person, both inside and out. This non stop going around her friends' askfms just to rant and spew negativity though, reflects the kind of person that YOU are. Maybe you're talking about yourself, and projecting it on Aya? Again, you need this in your life:

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(Hi ate hehe ate aya kinda referred me to you lol) seller ka ba ng iphone casings?? Sabi nya po sayo nya daw nabili ang case nya? (Sorry new to the fandom, dont rly know much abt the kfans huhuhu)

Hiii! Yes I design and sell cases over at Phone Candy by CandySky ( ^^ We add new designs regularly and our cases are available for different phone brands/models^^ Do visit (or follow us on Twitter: /candysky) xD Thank you!
Thanks for tagging me bb! @sehunownsme1

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Hi ate mish! my phone's a S7 Gold Platinum... I'm not sure kung ano yung bagay na EXO case from candysky :( gusto ko yung pink na exodus case pero parang di bagay T_T i need your help!

Omg your phone is prettyyyy! ^^ I honestly think it would be nice in either the EXODUS case or the SeCat one! ^^ If you feel like having a different color for the EXODUS case, we can change it up :)

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