Ask @captainkraft:

Worst mistake you've ever made?

Well, I believe in having no regrets in life because every choice you make shapes who you are and teaches you something.
Because of that, it is kinda hard to answer that question. Most of the mistakes I can think of led to something good.
Anyway, my answer has to be a collection of mistakes. Ever since I was ten I have wanted to make video games. it took over ten years to get off my lazy ass and actually give it a shot. Who knows where I would be now.

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What's the most amazing experience you've ever had in gaming? My favourite game experience was in Analogue: A Hate Story + Hate Plus... they're just so deep and have a lot of meaning behind them. I'll never uninstall them... do you have any games like that?

Final Fantasy Tactics is my favorite game of all time because of how much it shaped my childhood. It was pretty much the first game I felt like I really beat and understood. The tactical systems in the game were so cool to learn. All of the playthroughs collectively make up my most amazing gaming experience.

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How did you get your start with open-source software? What drew you to it?

I think what your asking is how I got started using open source software so I'll go with that.
Something like 5 years ago I tried out Linux for the first time because it is free and it's nerdy. I quickly learned what open source actually meant and that there is a huge community of people standing behind a great cause for sharing ideas to help out everyone who is interested in learning. I like to consider myself a good person and I like to support things like open source that I consider honorable causes. That combined with the many things I don't like about large corporations led me to use a lot of open source software over the more "mainstream" closed source software.
That is an EXTREMELY short version of the answer, but I hope it works. If you want to talk more about it, I'm always down to chat.

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Why don't you stick with one game engine? I know there are so many out there, if you master one then you can do a bunch of you game ideas with that one engine. I just feel like you jump around when you can stick with one and do everything you want. (This is of course with a game engine allows)

I only recently started trying out game engines and trying to find one that I like and that I can stick with. None of them so far have been the right fit and most of my game making is done using a programming language with some helper libraries for displaying graphics, I/O, etc.
Hopefully I will find one that I like very soon and stick with it. HaxeFlixel looks promising and I'd love to finally "settle down" and make lots of video game babies with "the one."

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