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would you save a stranger is he’s being attacked with a gun?

Yes, and then I’d give that gun a good telling-off! Bad gun!😡

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I don't know what to do and how to choose correctly. I don't know what to do because I'm attracted to both, this dude is attractive and he has me hooked but this other dude I've known him longer and he's proved how much he cares about me , I cannot overlook that.


what do you think about people who cheat on their significant other for a night of fun?

I think you’re a scumbag, tell your partner what you’ve done and grovel, grovel, for forgiveness. Or don’t, I’m not your dad… 🤷‍♂️

what do you think about the earth being flat? Is it real? Or is just people wanting attention?

The earth doesn’t exist. I have trapped you in my newest “life” simulation. I can see everything you do. You pervert… 🤮

Is it bad that I think that I deserve to be lonley and unhappy in life.

Depends on whether you actually do deserve to or not. What did you do that makes you think that? Go on, you can tell us! 😃

do you believe there was someone with higher powers that created humanity or did we just evolve?

No, I really think this (“our reality”) just happened because of science… 🤪

What mode of transport do you travel by the most ?

Under a rug in the back seat of my victims’ cars…

Life would be boring, if we were all normal, wouldn't it?

Depends on your definition of normal. I always pick-up the dog poop and bring it home. I don’t have a dog. Is that “normal”?🤔

are you in the leaderboard?

Depends on which one. Deffo gotta be in the top ten serial killers list, but also in the top ten cat lovers. I’m a complicated person…🤷‍♂️

What your age?

It’s a measurement of how long I have been alive, based upon the Earth’s rotation and orbit around the sun.

true/false: you were alive in 1995

True, that’s when I discovered my two great loves; killing and cocaine!❤️❤️

does anyone feel like every day is the same, and nothing exciting happens? days just pass monotonously

No, because Cocaine.

what’s the most scariest thing about the ocean? personally I’d say it’s the jellyfish 😭

All the dead people who drowned, and beckon me to join them in the abyss.


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