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If you had a son, and he got kicked in the testes at school, would you want to be notified and would you consider it appropriate for a teacher to examine them?

testes lmao

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fuck off from my feed!!! you're not even popular!!!

yes I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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pap of the very first image on your camera roll?


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ترا كلنا عندنا مشاكل وعثرات بالحياه بس سالفة يارب انام وما اقعد عيب ياحمار "̮*

never learned cursive sorry

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can I have your snapchat..?

yes it is pooopflinger

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How many shoes are in you room/closet????

Nikkie Kay

like 2

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You're annoying asf.... why are you showing up on my feed?!?

bc you love me

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omg you're a directioner?

Jeff Perez

that's the only thing that I am

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sorry if I've been stalking you,Youre just so awesome..hope youll response,omg!!

ello thank u

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love yur hair colour !! ❤️😍

thank you! it's from Sally's

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People being rude about the whole famous thing when really I just wanna punch em in the face and tell them that not everything revolves around ask and some people actually have lives instead spending their whole day darling themselves feel better by trashing other people am I right?


hahah yes also I'm joking

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for third time 😂😂 Can you accept my invetation to have dinner in Sharm Elshekh (Egypt) in 14/2? 😂🙈 Yes Or No. Just answer 😂👊

Ahmed Ezzat

omg what does this mean in accept venmo

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whats your Instagram ?

it's carlyincontro !

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I would rather cough confetti bc it would be so fab to cough in the middle of class and just walk out with shiny ribbons flying around me lmfao..and btw are you bi? or gay? you don't have to answer if you don't want to

lmao tru

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Hi can I have your snapchat:)❤️

Christian Castaño

yes it is pooopflinger THATS THREE O's

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How old are you?


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thank you thank you very much

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Lol your "famous" yet your nor even know to exist by people our milenial generation

im so famous!!!!!!!

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you're awesome no matter what anyone says

thank u love u

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you're to old to have ask haha

Tyson griffith

nu uh!!!

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how r u famous

bc I'm dating all of 1D

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what type of guys do you like, if you have a type?

Harry styles only lol not joking tho ://///

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What is your favourite gaming console?

360 💅💅💅💅

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sneeze glitter, how old r u? u look 16

lmao 24

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