Ask @carlyincontro:

If you had a son, and he got kicked in the testes at school, would you want to be notified and would you consider it appropriate for a teacher to examine them?

testes lmao

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ترا كلنا عندنا مشاكل وعثرات بالحياه بس سالفة يارب انام وما اقعد عيب ياحمار "̮*

never learned cursive sorry

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People being rude about the whole famous thing when really I just wanna punch em in the face and tell them that not everything revolves around ask and some people actually have lives instead spending their whole day darling themselves feel better by trashing other people am I right?

hahah yes also I'm joking

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I would rather cough confetti bc it would be so fab to cough in the middle of class and just walk out with shiny ribbons flying around me lmfao..and btw are you bi? or gay? you don't have to answer if you don't want to

lmao tru

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