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Christmas Eve is tomorrow, what day do you normally celebrate and are you doing anything?

We celebrate on Christmas Eve with our main celebrations kicking off on the 25th (Christmas Day) and lasting thru The Epiphany (01/06, observed on 01/08 in 2023)

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have you ever been terminated (fired) from a job?

toddsby’s Profile Photomooch
No, but I’ve been laid off due to budget cuts or departmental reorganization. It led to better opportunities though, so I’m fortunate.

What do you enjoy talking for hours about?

Science, supernatural phenomenon, books, sociopolitical and sociological constructs, psychology, travel, movies and TV …

Why do people celebrate Christmas if they're atheist?

TampaxBox’s Profile PhotoDon't You Know Its True
Christmas has secular implications and celebratory aspects, too, and some of its themes originated with the Pagan Yule or Yuletide observances. I know several atheists and agnostics that don’t celebrate the sacred aspects of Christmas.


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