Ask @cassidy_xoxo:

Please help me i do cardio for an hour daily and i completely cut out bread and soda from my diet for 2 months now because im sure that those are the 2 main things that were making me fat yet i havent lost a pound yet :( how long did it take you to lose weight and how many hours did u workout daily

You have to do more than just cardio ! You HAVE to lift and do other things so your workouts are more affective so you're not just doing the same thing over and over

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How's your workout routine? You do exercises in the morning and in the evening? Last question: do u know Fitness Blender and Tiffany Rothe? Cuz I'm doing their workouts, combinated the 5 day challenge with her workout schedule. Is it okay or nah? Ahah pls answer me soon ily u are an inspiration❤️❤️

Sorry I'm so late to answer this!! But in the summer I go to the gym in the morning and during the winter I go in the evenings (bc I have school in the mornings) and yes I do and that's great! Definitely great workouts !

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