Hey Josie, My female spayed cat won't stop pooping in front of the trays, even when they're fresh. She only pees in the bath or in an empty tray too and I have tried different litter types. We have 3 trays (2 Laege, 1 small) and 3 cats, no more room for any more. Any advice please? Thank you

Hi! I’m so sorry that you are experiencing this problem ❤️ I think you are looking for the problem in the wrong places. Sure, this could be because of the type of tray, type of litter, where it is located etc but I think you need to look elsewhere. Is this cat the only spayed of the 3 cats? If so, her rank might make her feel unsafe at home and is totally unrelated to the litter box but there is where she shows she needs help.
This type of issue is not answered by a short text and I would love to help you investigate this further to help you what to do. Please contact me through www.catwhisperer.se and we’ll book a chat for this!
In the meantime, read my article about this problem on the link I gave you ❤️

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