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(Continuation) what should i do??? HUHUHU I'm planning to take up scholarship but I don't know the qualifications 😭.... can i have tips huhuhu

GO LANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trying our for scholarships never hurt. And who knows you'll get it rin pala! I did not apply for a scholarship (because I was really aiming for UP from the start, not DLSU, but gets ako lang naman yun I'm sure we have different situations hahaha) so I don't know the qualifications. Pero sa forms and websites, ang alam ko merong details about the scholarships offered in DLSU! May kilala akong naka-scholarship sa DLSU! Message me privately nalang don't be shy, ilakad kita sa kanya haha :) GOOD LUCK u will ace everything promise sipag n tiyaga lang woooo go seniors '18!

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Ate cate!!! I need your help huhuhu. Kasi im planning to go to dlsu for college bc i heard it's a good school for my course. But then I don't know if my parents can still afford it. I asked them THEY'LL TRY THEIR BEST to pay for the fee but then ofc I don't want them to get more tired bc of me

I'M SO SORRY I JUST SAW THIS :((( I hope my answer isn't too late huhu
I'll answer doon sa continuation mo!

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Hi can i ask for some tips/advice? Will it be a good idea if i admit to my crush that i like him? We aren't really close but idk. What do you think will he think if i admit? Will it be embarrassing?

Omg sdlakfjdsfjl i know nothing about love :( HAHAHAHA joke pero if di kayo close wag na girl huhuhu hintayin mong maging tights kayo HAHAHAHAH pero don't listen to me wala akong alam tungkol sa pag-ibig

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ilan pinpili? ano mangyayare after application form? grade 10 ako btw excited lang

For my batch they chose 5. :) Once you get an application form, the CA will interview all of you guys. Then from all those who applied, she will choose a smaller number of applicants (not sure if may specific number but for my batch our CA chose 8) and then yung nakapasa for the "next level", i-interviewhin ng A-Team hehe and then from the 8, they chose 5. :) Not just sure if 5 parin for the next batches because it depends if gaano karami yung Japanese delegates since there were cases na dumami ang delegates from Japan so kailangang even sa Philippines so baka dagdagan nila yung tatanggapin nilang delegates. Hehe okay lang ma-excite maganda yan

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