Dump all the petty friends who stop being your friend or stop talking to you just because you don't like their friend. It's so annoying and I'm sick of it. Petty people.. OUT OF MY LIFE! SMH

Isabel Torres
Omg!!! Right!! I found out one of my friends has been talking trash about me since last year. Not only that, she gets mad at the people who talk to me. "LIKE WTH, LET ME LIVE MY LIFE. I understand you hate me but don't go saying that to my friends." Ugggh, I don't even know what her grudge is against me. Some people say she talks trash about me but know one tells me what she's saying.
Sorry for the rant.

Nah, it's alr abt the rant, I have no life so I don't mnd, but like, what's the point of staying in a friendship if you don't like the person. What is the fu**ing goal? You're just wasting your time bi**h. Get. A. Life!!! (Not you, to the fake people)

Right! I didn't even realize it till this year. But as soon as I found out she invited the most annoying boy in school and not me I realized something was frieking wrong. And she also invited all my other friends to lunch. Like B****tch you can't even sit near me for 1 HOUR. You don't even have to talk to me. Now she got all this other people not talking to me. They also went on a road trip together. Ugggghhhh. I'm so frieking pissed. You literally sent that at the perfect time.

Damn wtf, what a horrible friend!! I can be your friend if you want :))

That would be great☺️