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Hello Cath! I really enjoy watching your videos and would like you to know that you are an inspiration. Well, I have taken an interest in the STS Major and would like to more about it. What is it? How do I know if it's for me? And if it is how to approach it? Please answer. Thank you :

STS incorporates a variety of disciplines by looking at how new technologies drive and impact society and vice versa. There's a lot of good information about it on the STS website! (

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Cath, Your blog and site are SO cool. I recently came out as gay after reading one of your posts. It gave me courage. In your honor, can you PLEASE recommend a super feminine small tattoo I can give myself to denote my coming to terms with my being gay? My only rule is it must be something pink.

Joey Schmidt
Hi Joey! Wow--this is a big decision that you should definitely put a lot of thought into. Some feminine/gay symbols that come to mind: a flower, a rainbow… a flower and a rainbow??

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#replyask Your videos showed me that there isn't really much to stress out about regarding making friends, the rooms, etc. I was freaking out a lot at how I wasn't going to make friends, but I took your advice and just said hello to anybody friendly. I think my Stanny friends are the best friends.

❤️❤️❤️ Everything has a way of working itself out in the end. It's one of my favorite things about the universe. Glad freshman year is going well for you :)

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Your vlogs make me so excited to go to college and all of your friends are hilarious and remind me a ton of me and my friends except I don't have any guy friends. Do you feel like it is more common for girls and guys to be friends in college than it is in hs? did you have a lot of guy friends in hs

I think it's possible that there are more all-gender friend groups in college more than high school--but that is just my experience. I had guy friends in high school as well--pardon the generalization, but guys tend to have a much lower tolerance for BS/pettiness, and I've always really appreciated that 😌

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"Silly Answers" is the best video so far in you yt channel in my opinion. More of those!! I also really like the "My *insert year here* *insert season here* Quarter at Stanford". Those are really good. More power!!! And show yourself studying so that your dr's would be motivated to study too. :)

I'm working on getting more studying footage as we speak! Thanks for the tip, DR 😚

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Not a question but...I discovered your channel on Saturday and just finished watching every one of your videos. Coming from a student who hasn't enjoyed high school too much, you make me excited about college next year. Thanks for sharing your life with us and when you post, you make my day :)

:) :) Welcome to the CiC community, Nolan!

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