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Cath, Your blog and site are SO cool. I recently came out as gay after reading one of your posts. It gave me courage. In your honor, can you PLEASE recommend a super feminine small tattoo I can give myself to denote my coming to terms with my being gay? My only rule is it must be something pink.

Joey Schmidt
Hi Joey! Wow--this is a big decision that you should definitely put a lot of thought into. Some feminine/gay symbols that come to mind: a flower, a rainbow… a flower and a rainbow??

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can you give me an advice? im kind of shy and love watching netflix . but sometimes i realize this becames an issue, because in my last vacation i spent literally 3 weeks(!!!) just watching netflix. i realized that life is passing and i'm seeing throught somebody's else perspective, not mine :(

Oh, no! Well you've already recognized the issue that you want to fix, so now it's just a matter of acting on it. Try to commit yourself to another project/goal that takes up the time that you would normally be spending watching TV, such as working on a piece of art, writing a memoir/story, researching a topic, applying for jobs, etc! (Or make your OWN TV show!)

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If there's a cute person of the opposite gender in my high school class, what's a good way to break ice? Never spoken to the person before but added on snap

By pointing out that they're not the same gender as you, are you trying to say that you're attracted to this person? (Keep in mind that that's not necessarily an obvious connection!) If you're attracted to this person, but don't know how to start a conversation, you can always start with something super simple, like asking them about an assignment or an exam. Something like "Do you remember what the homework was?" or "How do you think that test went?" are pretty safe bets! Good luck :)

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What was suites like? Incoming sophomore living in suites here

It's an adjustment, but a worthwhile one! I recommend buying a shower curtain and a replacement shower head. I also recommend lofting your bed to make space in your tiny ass room. The food is Bomb with a capital "B," and if you ever see Chef Caroline from Middle Earth, please give her my hellos. OH and if she ever makes her pistachio baklava please, please, PLEASE bring me a piece. First floor Cedro. Thanks. <3

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I absolutely second with the anon who ended his or her message with "THANK U LOVE." Ever since discovering you and your blog, I have made it a priority to expand my vocabulary so I can express myself better :)

I am always trying to be as precise with my language as possible--I have a lot of learning to do but it brings me such joy to know that what I've learned so far has had a positive impact already :)

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