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hi catherine! i think of you as my big sister so im hoping you can give some sisterly advice. i met this boy at a program and developed a pretty big crush but then he ends up liking my friend. :( now what do i do? its hard cause we stay together a lot but they keep drifting away by themselves. :'(

:'( I'm sorry boo. I can understand that you feel bummed about this-- that must suck more than I know. All I can say is that this is a time for you to look inside and remember all the wonderful things that you love about yourself, and celebrate them! Take yourself on a date, write down your best qualities, spend time with your best gal pals. Get feeling GOOD being on your own, and then next time he's there with your friend you won't even notice, you'll be feelin yourself so much :)

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Sry if this question gives bad vibes cuz its about the future which I know is scary for a lot of students. Ur website/YT stuff is HECKA entertaining (parties/piercings) but r u worried that it may affect job prospects? N do u hope to become a reporter/columnist? i lov ur content and wish the best <3

Not certain what I wanna do one day because I don't like narrowing my vision of the future, but no I'm not worried about any of CiC affecting job prospects in the future! If a potential employer can't look at CiC and see the positives, then that's not a company I want to be working at.

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do you have any tips for self-reflection/introspection? I've recently realized I'm not introspective at ALL and college app brainstorming has been a struggle...

Ask yourself why you do what you do on both the macro and micro scales, and immediately jot down whatever comes to mind! Writing will help to force you to anchor nebulous thoughts into concrete ideas.

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hey cath, what backpacks would you recommend for college? im an upcoming freshman (not to stanny) and i've been caught up in the grueling journey of trying to find a durable yet nice looking backpack that could last me a good four years. thanks!

Haha, don't overthink it! I alternate between a large purse and a Jansport backpack throughout the year, though I'm sure you could find other great brands that make high-quality / fashionable backpacks.

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How did you spend your high school summers, any notable experiences? I LOVE YOUR VIDS BY THE WAY AND I JUST SPENT AN HOUR READING THE BLOG (it's 2 am now but worth it$

The summer going into my junior year I studied and lived abroad in Sevilla, Spain for a few weeks! The trip totally changed my perspective on life and the meaning of it. I highly recommend traveling while young.

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