I see. Why do you choose light? What makes you choose him over L?

Cuz he is Corrupt,Evil,Smart and probably more intelligent than L and that makes him (for me) one of the best Antagonist i'have seen in the anime.

What if I said that I don’t consider him evil instead it’s just a matter of perspective?

Then i respect your opinion

I see. What would be your take on this? I mean would you consider what I’ve said and maybe change your mind?

Well tbh I'm against your opinion. Killing innocent people and investigators/Detectives just for the sake of your goal is EVIL. Not only that he even killed his own father and colleagues.He used people and his friends/Lover in every way possible to achieve his goals. Imagine having intentions to kill ur own sis if push comes to shove.

Very sensitive topic. Lets discuss this when we’ve actually gotten to know each other. If that is.

I don't think so. He is damn straight Evil shit xD