Ask @catiemartin03:

Whats Your Stand On Interracial Dating.?

I think if you love someone and they happen to be a different race then you can figure it out. As long as there is respect and love nothing should be able to stop it. If it's other people's opinions you may be worried about, whose life is it? While you don't want to upset anyone, what's meant for you is meant for you. Gotta live your life.

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I am not allowed to say anything.I am a romantic failure.I hate this world.

Not to get all psychologist on ya, but sounds like you need to believe in yourself more. I used to feel that way and then I realized it was from my own lack of self worth. Do something to lift yourself up today. Something happy. Not as an escape but something that brings your soul some peace.

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What’s the most scared you’ve ever been?

Prob when a guy that "was in love with me" chased after me with a loaded gun because I didn't feel that way toward him. My friend n I ran for our lives! We got to her truck and it wouldn't start and he was still following us. We got the doors n windows locked as she still tried 2 get it 2 start. He kept trying to get me 2 open the window but I wouldn't. I finally got him to show me his hand that he was hiding. He had a knife in it. We got the truck going n gtf outta there. Cops didn't do anything cuz there wasn't any proof smh. Oh and he had clown face paint that was smeared from sweat to add to it. If I was scared of clowns that would have made it even worse.

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