No it's not u 😂 but it's I am talking about no one actually dude

Woow that's then a good question lol

nah I just bored 😒 tbh

Bored hmmm what are you doing.


God u could go somewhere else if u are getting bored u know lol.


Well the gym is the best place to be in then lol. I am at home. We don't go back to school till monday. We had a week off so.

what why

Because it was our spring break. Ugh i don't want to go back to school tho i hate spanish.

what we here in New Jersey still a full week berfoe that happened

Oof sorry about that, but i wish spring break was longer.


Yeah school would be more fun if we did not have to do all this stupid stuff.

and next is the park test to

Ohhh well wish u the best luck. At my school we just got done with a act i don't won't to see my score lol.

well it's not for me it's for my younger brother because if u are in 10 grade or lower

Well thats something we don't do here.

the hair New Jersey they make you do if you don't do it you won't graduate so it's kinda important

Wow we just have to get career ready and do the act.