Hey cayleighbear, I just wanted to leave something special. We've known each other for 4 years now wow the years sure did fly by fast xc You know how much you mean to me cx you are the bestest sister/friend I ever had ❤️ You know how to turn my bad days into good days, you always make me smile/laugh when I don't feel like it, just talking to you makes my days/nights even better ❤️ thank you for everything you've done and still do for me it means a lot to me 💕 I love you so much ❤️ -Natasha
Hey cayleigh, we just met yesterday but you are the sweetest/nicest person ever. I can't believe you like Jack G like I do 😱 but he is absolutely cute 😊 haha enough with him I hope we can become best friends maybe even sisters 😋😊 well I hope you have a great day tomorrow 💕 Love you ❤️ -Abby
Cayleigh I miss you so so so much 😭 I'm sorry I haven't talked to you lately xc I've been busy with work and what not. I hope your doing well and I hope we can spend a day together soon. You are such an amazing person that I absolutely love so much ❤️❤️ I hope your having a great night 😁 I love you ❤️ -Cat
Hey love, I just wanted to say I miss talking to you xc I hope your doing good and I hope we can talk real soon and catch up on stuff cx when I first met you I thought you were the nicest human being ever haha you still are 💕 well I hope you have a great week maybe we can talk this week sometime cx Love you so much ❤️ -Dani
Hey hey, I just stopped by to leave you a little something just for you. Cayleigh you're so sweet, amazing, caring, beautiful and so much more I hope you know that. Don't let other people tell you different because their just haters trynna put you down, you're a very strong girl 💖 I love you so so so much ❤️❤️ -Karlee
Hey Cayleigh
I thought i'd leave you something, we met last year and I can honestly say you're a very sweet, caring, lovable girl. Thank you for always watching after Natasha it means a lot to me that I have someone like you to be by her side when I can't be. I hope we can talk soon and maybe have a bro/sis day together again I miss having them with you xc well I hope you have a great week ahead of you. Love you ❤️ -Austin
Hey there 😁
Just thought i'd pop by and leave you something 😁 we met awhile back and I can say you are very nice to talk too even tho we haven't talked in awhile but one of these days we can catch up 😁 well I hope you have wonderful week 😁 Love you ❤️ -Alex

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