Hey cayleighbear, I just wanna leave something for you cx
First of all I am so blessed and grateful to have you in my life. You have been there since the beginning and I couldn't thank you enough for what u have done and still do for me it's means a lot to me. You're sweet, kind, caring, amazing, loveable, beautiful and so much more. I honestly love when we spend the day together and have our sister day's, we gotta do that again soon. You mean a lot to me and I hope one day we'll get to meet each other and have an actual sister day together cx We've known each other for 4 years now wow the years flew by real quick xc but we've made so much memories and we'll make a million more cx If anyone ever says anything bad to you I want you to know that their just jealous of you please never listen to what people have to say too you. You're one strong tough girl and I know you always get through everything and you know I'm always here for you no matter what. I hope you had an amazing birthday :) once again Happy Birthday cayleighbear <3 I love you so much -Tashabear
Hey love, I just wanna say you are an amazing person and I enjoy spending time with you and talking to you :) I'm glad Natasha introduce me to you :) You're my new sister and I'm grateful to have you in my life <3 hope you're day was filled with laughter, love and lots of cake lol happy birthday cayleigh <3 I love you -Abby
Heyhey, I know we haven't talked in ages but one of these days we will(: I hope you're doing well(: I miss you so much <3 hope you had a great day cayleigh(: Happy birthday love you loads <3 -Sadie
Hey cayleighbear I just wanna leave something for you cx 
First of all I am so