Hey lovely x I just wanted to leave you something xx
We met about a week ago and I can honestly say you are so sweet oh my gosh, you are absolutely amazing and very beautiful x I classify you as my sister (if that's ok with you) I hope we can make some memories just like you and Natasha have cx I hope you had an amazing day and I hope your night is going well πŸ’• I love you so much ❀️ -Zoey
Hey cayleighbear cx
Imma leave you a little something special πŸ’• We've known each other for 4 years now, wow does time sure fly by xc but I'm glad I met u and I'm glad we've made so much memories together cx we'll defiantly make more memories because I'm not going anywhere and I'm never going to leave u ever ❀️ I just wanna say thank u for always being here for me and for always checking up on me it means a lot to me cx I hope I never lose u either because u mean so much to me. I love having sister days with u btw we need to have another one real soon xx I love u so so much hun ❀️ btw I love ur background 😍😍😍 keep those boys up as ur background because their pretty cute 😍😊 -tashabear

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