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From what I hear, who gives a fuck? I think learning not to care too much about other people's opinions of you is one of the hardest and also most important things we learn I highschool.

For sure, I definitely don't feel down about myself because of what people without identities have to say. I have to admit though, I'm frustrated that they're trying to convince me I'm a horrible person without telling me WHY. This has been going on for maybe half a year. Nobody gives me any specifics so I'm just like lol what are you even talking about

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I go to iolani and I know you and I agree with who ever that punahou anon is. You keep to a small group at school maybe but you get around with your guys. Ask yourself how many guys you've hooked up with and how many guys you've fucked. See what I'm getting at here?

How the fuck would you know? Even if I really did sleep with someone, how does that make me a bitch? What I do behind closed doors doesn't affect anyone but myself. And don't forget there's two sides to every story.

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I've never met you (I go to Punahou). From what I've heard from friends that go to Iolani, you are pretty but a bitchy slut. I have no preconceptions about you, but I just wanted to know what you thought about this

I'm getting tired of anons telling me that I'm this huge bitch and nobody tells me why. I'm unpopular, relatively quiet, and keep mostly to a small amount of friends. I feel like not that many people know me, especially to see my "bitchy" side. So if I did you wrong, I'm sorry, but if you really believe you are the bigger person, at least have the decency to let me know what I did. Does sending me messages make you feel better? Because it shouldn't. You're basically talking to a wall. Because I literally have no idea what I did to offend whoever is talking shit

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