What size boots you wear

Size 9, why? You gonna buy me some?

Do you have a pic of them

No, actually didn't say I had a pair, but I do have several!

Can you post a pic of one of the several you have

Maybe hahahaha

No maybes!! Haha I want to see please

Hey if you can answer maybe then so can I. Level playing field at all times. Hahahaha

Ok. Can you post a pic though of the boots please?

Sometime in the future sure.

I don’t have a lot of that 😥

That's unfortunate....... For you. 🤪 I'm playing, not trying to be mean. A good friend of mine has no patience whatsoever so she tattooed the damn word across her fingers. One letter on each finger. It's a daily reminder for her. Fortunately I have a plethora of patience.

What kind of shoes are you wearing now?

I was wearing my rainbow sneakers! Wearing low cut socks, black leather skirt and hot pink top now. What are you wearing?