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If you had a choice to have a soulmate that you could be happy with lots of love and a life full of happiness or your twinflame, the higher path. The one that will rip you apart and expose you to every part of yourself so you can rise up from yourself and become more. Which would you choose?

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Twin flame

Tell me the best place for a kiss

As long as she is satisfied I am good, if I had to chose she is the definition of sweetness so anywhere on her is nice, and a place to do it in glass room on a rainy day

high five 😇 How did your last relationship end?

It did not I will not let it end because she is my type and soulmate any other relationship will be an act not a real one

Do you think someone likes you and if you know for a fact they do ,, do you like them backkkk????

If they have a good personality


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