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Museeb Ghumman
When I was a child; I used to see this world with a very different perspective. Everything seemed to be very calm and forth moving.
When I grew up, the calmness started to become vague but a tensionless era. But now the things are stuck. As, just after the teenage one happens to meet with many anons. The ones who teach him many lessons. Lessons of trust. Lessons of ruling behaviour. And most of all; the lessons of self-respect. However, this stuck life doesn't remain stuck anymore, it moves on.
And finally, one is no one but has learnt many lessons. The lessons to lead his future life in some different perspectives.

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کتنی خوش نصیب ہے وہ عورت جس کے عشق میں مبتلا ہو کر اُس کی آرزو میں ایک مرد رب کے سامنے اُسے سجدے میں مانگے.. میرا سوال یہ ہے کہ اگر پھر بھی اسے وہ عورت نہ ملے تو یہ عورت کی بدنصیبی ہے یا مرد کی..؟

I am of the view that agar us mard ko phir b wo aurat na milay to ye Allah Tallah ki chahat ha k usay wo na milay kyoon k wo us k liye achi sabit nahi ho gi. Oor Allah us mard k liye behtar karay ga....This is an opinion that is found in Islamic teachings.
And now you can find the answer of your question in this explanation if you try. ☺️✨✨

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shouldn't be girls active on SOCIAL MEDIA? what do you think in this aspect? BE HONEST would u prefer a girl who is socialy active???

Firstly, as you said to be honest so, I need to be honest.
Simply, I am not against the girls who use social media. It is the necessity of these days for everyone. However, I might be against the use of social media in a wrong way. And I hope that you know that what does wrong use mean.

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