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Are you not bored of your lame hobby of trolling around random people on askfm who you don't even know ? And man, I thought my life was boring. At least I'm not bored enough to have enough time on my hands to take up a trolling hobby.

what? i havent been on here on ages and i hate people who troll, so why on earth would i do that...i almost never ask anyone else questions besides one or two of my friends who had account, so i really don't know what this is agout or if i got hacked or something

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What is your favorite make of car?

i love almost any american muscle car made before 1970

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What was the last CD you bought?

im not totally sure, i think technically Sins of Motion's demo, since it came with the shirt i bought haha

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why wont you talk to me

i don't know who you are, but its nothing personal, i can almost assure you.

i honestly don't really talk to anyone almost ever over the internet because 99% of the time i get so anxious even trying to open my inbox (fb, texts, dm's, etc) that i start panicking. Around people in person, none of that really happens anymore.

it sounds stupid, but that's really what happens and it sucks because i'd love to have a normal social life, but a normal social life requires the internet/messaging nowadays and it's really hard for me even on my best day.

like i think i have 6 non-work/non-family phone numbers, in the past 6 months i've texted 2 of them, and since the year's started, i only texted one of them to tell them happy new year and it took me all day to get calm enough to send it.

it fucking sucks.
but i wouldn't have been able to do it a year ago.
baby steps.

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What do you like to cook?

i make some seriously bitchin' omeletes, i've mastered breakfast food!
i also really like making sauces/relishes, desserts and drinks.

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When was the last time you tried something new?

today! last night, my sister, my mom & i teamed up to prep for a Carribean soup recipe from our Puerto Rican cookbook, a new one we hadn't made before. plantains, squash, potatos, and a bunch of different things, with an interesting base of stock & tomato sauce. it was very autumn-y, even after i added red pepper flakes to it.

my dad's puerto rican & my mom is black, even though she left him when i was about 5 she still cooks PR food with us, which i really appreciate...i hope every single parent with biracial children does this for their kids.

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What's the best thing you can do with a stick of gum?

depends on the flavor...

if mint, give it to a Grandma, because it was probably hers.

if fruity, (especially pineapple,) keep it, chew it and love it until the flavor leaves less than a whole minute later, then spit it into the nearest receptical.

if cinnamon, unwrap it, then ram it up the arsehole of your nemesis.

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here's a question for ya glam gurl...Guns N Roses or Skid Row??

i feel like the answer's so obvious that i shouldn't say it haha

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Xbox or PlayStation?


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What makes you cry?

really good concerts, trying to hold back from killing somebody, running out of liquor, etc...haha

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Your cat is so cute :) why did you name him creamsicle?

he's actually a stray, but i plan to take him when i move out! I named him Creamsicle because he's orange and white. My sister and I also call him "Catabond," like "Vagabond" because he's a cute little cuddly cat hobo. i love him.

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What is your favorite restaurant? Where is it located?

its in Brooklyn, NY. i know how to get to it, but have no clue what it's called :( haven't been there in years. Locally, probably Caribe down in Clifton by Bogart's.

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who designs your cover photos/banners/logos because they're so cute

i do! if you need one, feel free to contact me for rates :) i'm glad somebody likes 'em!

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If you could communicate with your pet for just a minutes, and they would understand, what would you say?

considering my pet is a rock, i'm not sure that either of us really have anything to say to each other...

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PAP of what you see when you look up?

oh my god wHAT THE FUCK IS A "PAP?"

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bikini pap

i have no idea what a "pap" is or why people keep asking me for them, but as a biologically female human who has been to a doctor, it sounds kind of scary...

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What is your lucky number?

it was always 18 and 21, my unlucky numbers are coincidnetally 17 and 22

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What music are you listening to right now?

What is the last thing you do before bed?

usually listen to a song or watch an episode of something to calm my brain down

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What bands did you get to see at ROTR?...besides Santa Cruz ;)

in no order...besides Santa Cruz,
Anthrax, The Devil Wears Prada, Tech N9ne, From Ashes To New, Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Ministry, The Dillinger Escape Plan, NonPoint, Of Mice and Men, Motionless in White, Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, Breaking Benjamin, GodSmack, Linkin Park, Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts(very unfortunate) and a band made up of members of Staind and 3DG but i don't remember the name. There's a couple more i caught some of, but forgot the names.

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(famous people question) WHAT DO YOU MEAN IF U COUNT THE INTERNET

i mean that i have some famous followers online and some noteable interactions, like Archies reposted me on IG a couple times; Addy(NiteRain) and Eric Jayk follow me on there. Craig (formerly of wounds), and most notably Peter London follows me on Twitter. If i combine Twitter and Instagram, i'd say at least 50 bands follow me. on Instagram (as of last month) i counted15 musicians with active bands and 17 bands themselves, on twitter there is probably a bit more because i've had that account a lot longer.

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What worries you the most?

that my anxiety will stop me from living the life that i deserve to live.

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Hello, I don't know you. But just wanted to say you look gorgeous. Reading few answers below I believe you have a beautiful heart. Looking forward to know you someday.

thank you, that's really kind of you to say :) hopefully we'll be friends one day, anonymous nice person!

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have you ever thought about music blogging professionally?

i'd love to, but i don't have enough readers. I want to start getting some interviews and doing things like that, so i have some exclusive content. It would help if we had a local scene that i actually wanted to report on...there's not even a hand ful of local bands that i particularly like.

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Do you have a band yet? How'd your audition go?!

not yet, and my audition hasn't happened yet but i'm ready for when it does. Peter London gave me his blessing!

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