kyungsoo with daughter from ex-girlfriend and then he meets jongin pt ii

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"hey, don't be like that. appa will see you tomorrow morning, alright?"
"i love you, too," soomin says, hurriedly before his mother's voice cuts clear through the room. "she's gone to her room." pause. "i'm not going to waste my breath, kyungsoo. you know what i'm going to say."
"i'm /really/ sorry," kyungsoo tears his gaze away from his screen and picks up the receiver. "mom, you know i cannot choose--"
"i'll see you tomorrow, morning," mrs do says, cutting him short. "don't work too hard, dear. get home, soon."
"see you, mom. love you." kyungsoo scribbles 'bring soomin to pancake place' on a sticky note and smiles to himself when his mother hangs up.
it's going to be a long night.
midnight. it's cold at this time of the year, the air is stiff around him and it hurts his nose when he inhales. lightly stomping his feet to generate some heat, kyungsoo waits for the elevator to his apartment, checking his mobile phone for any incoming emails before he remembers that he's home now; work can wait tomorrow.
"hey, wait!" someone yells, just as the elevator doors start to close. kyungsoo jabs at the 'open' button and is greeted by another man, looking around his age, rushing into the lift. he leans against the walls of the elevator and raises a hand in gratitude towards kyungsoo. "thanks!"
kyungsoo smiles and nods towards the buttons. "ninth floor, too?" he doesn't recall seeing the man around, but then again, he's rarely home these days. he has heard of several new tenants to their block from the building's management, though, so he isn't surprised if this is one of his new neighbours.
"that's right," the man nods. he loosens his tie and rubs at his neck, clearly exhausted.
it's quiet, then, kyungsoo thinking of his daughter (or rather.. hoping that she's forgotten all about today's incident and would greet him happily when he picks her up tomorrow morning) and he doesn't realise that the stranger follows him all the way to the end of the floor, where he stays.
"oh, we're next door neighbours!" the man says, grinning at kyungsoo who turns to look at him in confusion for a while. kyungsoo stares at the bunch of keys in the man's hand and then he realises. "i just moved in last week... i'm kim jongin!" he holds out a hand.
"kyungsoo... do kyungsoo," kyungsoo says, shaking jongin's hand. he offers jongin a smile. "i should have known... i thought i saw the lights on a few days ago but i have forgotten all about the last guy who lived here. i think his name was chanyeol or something... drummer.." he gestures wildly in the air because he doesn't remember what his ex-neighbour does. jongin laughs.
"park chanyeol," jongin confirms, nodding. "he just sold this unit to me since he's going to live with his girlfriend... he was my friend in uni. you live alone?"
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“I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit you’re really attractive.” kaisoo HUHU

his iphone fucks up again before deleting all of his contacts earlier this week and kyungsoo knows he shouldn't risk sending such a picture of himself when he can barely recall the numbers but heungsoo /insists/ on wanting to take a look at the new bathroom their parents have just renovated. what could be wrong? kyungsoo has sent his brother a gazillion texts before and he knows for sure heungsoo hasn't changed his number since his last girlfriend (which was three years ago, heungsoo is very proud to say though kyungsoo just thinks he's whipped... but that's not his fucking business) so yes. he's in a tub, taking a good, long bath after a long day at college and then, he snaps a picture. complete with a peace sign and a huge smiling face, making sure that the mural on the wall that their mother has personally designed can be seen from the photo. exellent.
he presses /send/.
a few seconds later, his mobile phone buzzes and this is what that makes kyungsoo scream aloud, very nearly dropping the device into the tub.
/nice wall.. but who are you?/
kyungsoo hurriedly checks the number that he has sent the selfie to and groans. of /course/, it's not heungsoo's number but some stranger who-- wait. a new message from the guy? what the hell? he slides his thumb across the screen and is greeted with a picture of a boy not older than himself, smiling as widely as he had earlier with a caption:
/hey, i'm jongin. you?/
thank you for the prompt yesi!!! sorry it took so long ;~; i hope you'll like this! <3

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oh xiuhun! how abt xm as a grad school student who became a sub teacher as a side job in the uni & his student sehun developed a crush on him. but even though xm's stint as teacher is over, he still sees sehun as his student so he can't develop romantic feelings for him? how would sehun take it?

it's hard, minseok knows, to accept rejection when it's right in your face. this isn't quite that, though. minseok is telling sehun that there is someone better for him, that there is someone else he's involved with now and that to accept sehun's feelings would be disrespectful to himself and the person he loves. sehun is quiet, unlike his usual bubbly, mischievous self. he must have struck a chord within the younger boy.
"i'm sorry," minseok whispers, leaning back against his seat. sehun has left his cup of coffee untouched. he looks like he's about to cry and heaven helps minseok because he wouldn't /know/ what to do if that happens. he considers reaching over to give a comforting squeeze but he's not sure if sehun needs that, right now from him. "sehun?"
"no," he finally says, looking up at minseok. his gaze is soft, defeated. "/i'm/ sorry for putting you in this position. i... i just thought i should let you know before you leave."
"i appreciate that, sehun. i really do and i'm sorry i don't reciprocate your feelings. you're nice, handsome, smart and you're funny..."
"but you're with someone now." sehun says, almost sharply before taking a shaky breath in an attempt to calm himself down. he's so child-like when he's being like this, minseok realises, a smile inevitably forming upon his lips. like a patient teacher, minseok himself inhales slowly and explains.
"sehun, me not loving you back doesn't make you any less of a person. i like you a lot, as a student, as a young friend, as a /brother/, but not more than that. i'm just setting this clear, i'm not rejecting you out of my life... i'm not doing that. i'm just telling you that i don't have romantic feelings for you."
sehun is quiet once more at his words, finally taking a sip of his coffee, seeming to be deep in thoughts. "we can still be friends?" there is a hesitant smile on his face as he says this but minseok thinks he hears the understanding in his voice, as if whatever minseok has said had finally settled inside of him.
this is a good start. sehun isn't that bad of a person and minseok truly enjoys his company; he doesn't mind being friends.

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past xiuhan/present xiulay pt ii

"look, this is such an awkward timing... i'm sure we can catch up some way else. maybe."
luhan hears the reluctance; luhan has always been good at reading between the lines, he's always the quiet, smart one in the band, the one who knows everyone's moods even without anyone saying anything. he knows it but he doesn't show it, giving yixing that bright smile once more. "maybe," he echoes before falling silent.
"you made him so sad, you know." this, yixing realises, makes luhan still. "you broke him. doesn't matter that we disbanded right after you left but minseok... he had it the worst."
"and i'm sorry," luhan whispers. six more stops. yixing asks luhan where he's getting off, no malice in his voice this time, but the damage is done. luhan looks like he has been struck hard by yixing's words.
i... got stuck here... oh god i'm so sorry anon!!!! but to sum it up yixing gets off the train before luhan and yes, that's the end of this layhan thingie and he never tells minseok about meeting luhan because he doesn't want to see minseok sad again, if that makes sense? in an alternate universe (of this au lol) luhan would have forced his cell phone number into yixing's hand and yixing stuffs that piece of paper into his back pocket and then when minseok does the laundry, he sees the paper, calls the number and realises it's luhan!!!! and they talk shit out but endgame is xiulay!!!!! ok that's it i'm really sorry for this ;~~~~~~~;

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past xiuhan;present xiulay. lay to luhan: "you broke him."

taking the train towards the city from line one is always the hardest at this time; employees returning after work and students bustling into the train to get home before the sky turns really dark. yixing doesn't remember staying in school so late during his time. school's sure getting harder these days. carefully hoisting his guitar case against his shoulder, yixing slips a hand into his back pocket for his mobile phone. a text message from minseok.
/are you on your way home?/ yixing smiles at the picture minseok has attached along with the text message -- fried rice and chicken wings, complete with his favourite jug of lemonade! he's about to type a reply when someone taps him. yixing turns. and nearly stumbles backwards as soon as he catches sight of who it is.
it's luhan.
"what the hell?" yixing blurts out before covering his mouth at the outburst when several commuters turn towards them, eyebrows knitted in disapproval at the less than welcoming language. luhan raises an eyebrow but the smile doesn't falter. yixing pockets his phone and stares.
"nearly a decade of not seeing me and this is all you have to say?" there is a playful lilt to his voice; luhan is not offended and he looks more than happy to see him (they had been good friends before and to be honest, yixing misses luhan a lot, even now as he looks at him -- slightly chubbier, crow's feet already forming with his famous eyesmile and five o'clock shadow grazing his disappearing jawline...). "how are you?"
yixing has approximately fourteen stops left. he doesn't respond to luhan's question immediately, choosing to give him a tight-lipped smile instead and moving further into the train cabin so he is leaning against the walls. luhan follows suit and now, they are standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder. rewind ten years and yixing didn't think that this would happen; /black pearl/ thought luhan has left for good and all of them had given up trying to keep in touch with their former vocalist. minseok had been gutted -- this is one fact yixing can never forget (and forgive luhan for).
"i've been... good," yixing says, slowly. luhan gives him a look and yixing thinks he knows the question teetering on the edge of his old friend's lips, it's a question that had been around for a few years since he left, only disappearing in the recent years because maybe that's how long it takes for you to get over your friend and bandmate leaving you. it had hurt. maybe it still does. a little. "i didn't expect to see you, here."
"i'm always around, you know," luhan says. he takes out his mobile phone and types something real quick before pocketing it once more. "sorry. some work matters. so... yes. i heard you and minseok..." he trails off, a hint of a smile playing upon his lips and yixing bristles at that, though he's unsure why he's so annoyed.

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