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Would you ever get someone’s name tattooed on your body?

Yes I would. It’d have to be someone really special tho.

I really really miss you 😔

Who are you? If I knew who you were maybe you’d find out if I miss you too

How do I stop this misery that lurks under every misstep?

Hold yourself accountable for what you are responsible for. Everything else should not factor in.

You will never know what I went through after everything, i was in shock until one day it hit me this is reality that we will never see each other again

Why would we never see each other again?

I’m depressed and I feel like I have no purpose or importance. I’m so lonely. If I go off anon and reach out to you will you be my friend? I’m desperate at this point. I need the support and I’ll be there for you too.

Yes I can do that.

i don’t gotta talk bad on your name because i actually loved you once for you. and you knowing what i know is more than enough to help you understand my emotions and confusions. but hey you let me know.

We can talk more in private.

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