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whose your best friend on force, and frost, fame, flawless?

force- Val, abbi, Kaitlin, casey, dru, adrienne, Morgan, lauren, Allayna, carlie -- but I love everyone bc we are a fam but these are my closest friends on the team
frost- I don't really have a best friend on the team
fame- Payton, Abby, Caroline, lily, and lauren
flawless- grace, Morgan, Hannah, Ellie, Amy, and liv

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Why did isabel and Avery leave kc cheer

idk if I have the right to say that and idk even know if it's true or not

People only think you are faking it bc you got your MRI a long time ago and if anything was actually wrong you would say something but nothing is actually wrong so that's why it's true 😊

well yeah nothing serious is wrong with it which I'm grateful for but I do have to do PT. And I was NOT faking it. I felt real pain in my knee. if you had the same thing you would react the same way.

So when will they kick you off force for not practicing or competing with the team?

so other people get injured and you are like oh feel better but for me you say "oh your faking it" or "they should just kick you off." how do you think that makes me feel? I'll give you a hint--not good.

Don't let the haters get to u...ur amazing & I know u r not faking your injury. The same thing happened to me a few months ago. U will go back soon.

aww thank you so much!! I really appreciate that!!

Well if you can't practice you should at least wear the correct practice wear and act like your doing something instead of watching your team run and suffer for you.

I don't wear the practice wear. Thursday is non sparkle and Sunday is sparkle Sunday. and I do ab workouts, Stretches, hamstrings workouts, and leg lifts. It would be boring just to sit there. I find other things to do that won't hurt to do. who are you anyway??

Why wouldn't u just quit the team if you got the team all the deductions and you can't hit the stunts at all and you are just sitting out the whole time?

I can hit the stunts. why would my coaches put me in center if I couldn't hit them. jamfest was just an off day. everybody has days like that.

Ya why are you taking an injury? how do you hurt your knee that bad falling from a prep😂 And how do you fall from a prep?😂

I got pulled down bc the other flyer fell and didn't let go of my arm and pulled me down.


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