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you seem so cool and nice i wish we talked more because you seem like a great person to be friends with

awh this is so sweet id love to be friends!!❤️

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Who are your 10 closest girls in your grade

Olivia Short
Brianna Hardcastle
Charlie Beth burns
Sloan Robinson
Sabrina Meadows
Ashley Kerr
Morgan Westerhoff
Katelyn Durham
Erin Whitman
Betty Lulseged

lol because we all know that secretly something is going on between Kris McCord and you

HAHAHAHhhahahajakapaajhHAhhahaa you're very funny omg
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Who are you're closet 10 girl friends in your grade at page?

to be close with 10 different girls means you have to have a lot of trust but I would say that some of my fave girls are Olivia short, Brianna Hardcastle, Sloan Robinson, Sabrina meadows, Morgan Westerhoff, Abby Monroe, Ashley Kerr, cb


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