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are you a hypocritical person?if so, how far can you go?

as much as i have to admit it.. sometimes i am because i give people advice but don’t follow it myself

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cons of dating you?

wow I could go on forever ??
• I'm really clingy (x
• I get jealous easily
• if I'm upset I'll mostly likely lash out on you even if you aren't the problem
• I won't always let you know what's on my mind
• I get super talkative and energetic so that'll annoy you
• I'll always be pinching and squeezing you bc I find you cute ?
• I'll get sad if you tell me no
• I'll hug you super tight
• uhh idk

isn't Kailey best friends with that Kim chick now??? they always post about eachother

lol yeah and your point?

Kailey replaced you

lol get out, you don't know anything about our friendship or the situation ? just because she has another best friend doesn't mean she replaced me! a person can have more than one best friend, you know that right?

I know I'm rambling at this point. You don't have to answer this one but just so what I said about them being insecure sounds substantial, guys are insecure because they know they feel deep down that they are inadequate, and they make themselves feel better by talkig shit to your boyfriend

I really appreciate this so thank you so much for your wise words and kindness ✨?
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also those guys are close minded, insecure about themselves and are worth pitying

thank you!! I'm Christian so I believe that we are all descendants of Adam and Eve so, in reality we all came from the same place so I don't see a difference. we all have a small tiny amount of common blood. there shouldn't be boundaries build around who we get to love and be with.
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We don't talk much at all but I think you and your bf are really great together, and I read on here that Armenians, or at least some, don't like you. "Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter" They prolly weren't true friends looking out for you to begin with. Happy for you!

thank you ??

what are your classes for next year?

chem, us history, Spanish 3, AP calc, health, & AP English ?


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