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Zohaib Ahmed ♈ (Zo)
Salam everyone.
I have launched a tech start up in Pakistan. It's an education platform for finance and accountancy students. (ACCA, CIMA, CPA AND CA).
I have two open vacancies.
One is in marketing and one is for a lecturer.
Marketing profile - A freelancing marketer who can attract customers. Our target market is students hence we need someone who can attract youth.
There's no work place so the candidate will be working from home attracting customers through social medial platforms and social connections. 35k will be base salary (negotiable)plus commission.
Second position is for a lecturer. Lecturer must have experience with some famous institute. We will provide them a platform to teach students. Candidate must've a good student base.
The salary for this position is purely based upon competency and popularity among students an ideal gross salary might be more than 2 lacs. (It's not a full time job so they can continue with their current jobs as well.)
Please refer your friends and teachers if you think they fit the criteria.
My email id is
Send me your resumes for interview.
P.s don't send your resume if you don't fit the criteria. No vague request shall be entertained.

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