Ask @chananygans:

What will you say to your crush if he/she asks you who's your crush? 💕

Abdul Basit
Say the blunt honest truth. Like oh well what a coincidence you're asking. It be you.
Given currently I am not crushing on anyone. I'm in general very straight forward. Tend to tell someone I take interest. Can't really be a crush if it's not a secret and you get immediate results. To accept or decline your advances.

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How bad do you think catcalling is in society based on your experience and from what you've heard? 🤔 Does it happen often? Just curious since I as a guy don't get to hear as much about it as you girls probably do 😅

Cat calling is a regular every day thing. Least here. I get it at least 3 times a day if I go somewhere other than work. I mean sure it's bad but the reality is I'm so used to it in desensitized to it and don't care and don't pay attention. Want my attention for real? Say hello.

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